Earlier this week, Noisily Festival, a primary event for psyculture in the UK, published an article by Charles Audley, a founding member and organiser, on the subject of gender equality in the festival industry. I was honoured to be able to play my part in the making of the article, which quotes from an email conversation I had with Charles and draws on some of the arguments and ideas I discussed with him.

As a female-identifying DJ, it never would have entered my head to start had I not seen a woman behind the decks. The implicit message that continually male-dominated lineups send to aspiring female DJs, and to girls and women who may not even realise that mixing might be a calling for them, is that they don’t belong behind the decks. The lack of women in this prestigious cultural role is a vicious cycle that must be actively broken or it will just keep on turning. Women themselves are working to break it by their very existence and persistence as DJs, but it also takes those who are already in positions of power and influence (who are, mostly, men) to refuse to continue supporting the status quo. To step up and say ‘this isn’t right or fair (and besides, think of all the talent we’re missing out on!), so we’re going to do something about it’.

So I’m very happy that the organisers of Noisily have decided to take this step, and looking forward to seeing what they come up with next year!

Noisily article screenshot


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